February 21-22, 2018 in State College, Pa.

2017 PA Dairy Summit Presentations

Here are links to the presentations from the 2017 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit.

Those that are not listed here have not been made available for public viewing, due to proprietary information included in the presentation.

For additional information, contact Jayne Sebright.

Day 1: Wednesday, February 8
Integrating New Technologies on the Farm
Understanding GMOs and How They Will Influence Your Business
Navigating Dairy Markets Across the Waters
Growing in Non-Traditional Ways with Dan Gross, Rich Lindell and Terry Shuey
FARM, The Next Steps, and Why it Matters
Transitioning to Organic for Profitability

Day 2: Thursday, Feb. 9
Burnett Enterprises, Jeff Burnett, Southeast Wyoming
ROBOTS VS. PARLORS: What works for You
Prospects for Immigration Reform & Implications for Farm Managers
Emerging Antibiotic Regulations & Impact on Animal Health
Feed Center Planning: A Blueprint to Success

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