February 21-22, 2018 in State College, Pa.

Breakout Tracks

This year's summit offers four breakout tracks to give attendees a good framework to focus on their key areas. The mix of financials, family skills, herd BMPs and cropping strategies offers something for everyone.

Around The Table:

  • "Balancing Your Life: Farm, Self and Family" with Myra Handy of Farm First. This session will discuss how to cope with stress, identifying symptoms and signs of stress, and resources to help those with depression and stress.
  • "Keeping the Farm in the Family" a transition panel discussion. This sessions will discuss the timeline associated with the planning process, transition teams, when to start planning, who to involve and why, key learnings in the transition process and key outcomes or goals.
  • "Developing a Succession Management Plan" with Dr. Ron Hanson, Harlan Agribusiness Professor Emeritus. This session will discuss the pitfalls that come without proper planning, navigating the planning process, and best management practices.
At The Desk:

  • "Constructing an Informed Financial Plan" with Tom Anderson of Riverland Community College. This session will discuss financial models that lead to sound business decisions, how to record and analyze those records, and how financial models can benefit in volatile markets.
  • "Leading/Growing a Productive and Satisfied Work Force" with Dr. Rich Stup, Agricultural Workforce Specialist, Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. This session will discuss pay strategies, SOPs for employee management, performance evaluations, interviewing, training employees and leadership.
  • "Shaping a Path Forward for Pennsylvania's Dairyland" with Dr. Andy Novakovic, E.V. Baker professor of agricultural economics and director of land grant programs at the Cornell Dyson School of Business. This session will include a look at the Pennsylvania Dairy Study and what it has unveiled about Pennsylvania's opportunities and challenges in growing its dairy industry.

With The Cows:

  • "Transitioning to Peak Performance" with Jim Osborne of Millerstown Veterinary Associates, and Myron Gehman of Kurtz Valley Holsteins. This session will discuss protocols associated with calving that east the transition period, higher peak performance, and milk production during lactation.
  • "Deciding if Robotics Is Right for You" with Jared Feltz and Dr. Michael Brouk. This session will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of robotic milking systems, including planning your robotics operation.
  • "Monitoring Reproductive Performance and Profitability" with Dr. James Ferguson of University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center. This session will discuss SOPs for maximizing reproductive performance with a focus on profitable solutions that yield positive results.

In The Fields:

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